Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been under two weeks since I last posted!

I'm getting pretty active again!....not really....
Well... I have a cold. ):
I only had school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week, due to Thanksgiving, and an inservice. But I have yet to go this week. I'm being forced to go tomorrow, even if I'm still sick.
But, afterwards, Johnny's coming over for the night. (:
I don't know if I mentioned this in my last post.... but I have 4 new rats. Aubrey, Josh, Brooke, and Bradley. They're around 6 weeks old. Aubrey and Brooke are in with the big girls. But Josh and Bradley aren't going in with my big boys until they are big themselves...and they're sick. They have colds, but it's nothing too serious. Brooke has a lump on her tummy. And umbilical hernia... so, a pocket of fat pretty much. When she's old enough, I'm getting it removed, because there's a chance of intestine getting stuck in it and killing her, and I'm not risking it.
I had my cousin over for the night one night, to see the new babies, and Johnny ended up coming over for the night too. He slept on the floor. XD We went to Subway (his choice) and a grocery store, a pet store, and a park, twice (all my choice...) We also watched two scary movies... Devil and I forget the other one. But a guy set a bunch of traps in a house and a family and a burgular who had renovated their house and their cat were trapped inside. Both movies scared me of course. During Devil the only scary scene I actually saw, was the scariest scene of them all.. of course...
Oh, and I didn't mention this earlier, but the new rats brings my total to 16. <3
One day last week, Johnny actually said he missed me, because we don't get to see eachother as much. I'm usually the one to say this, and he usually calls me clingy, so it was nice when he actually said it for once...he's so clingy.... (that was a joke.) He's been pretty sweet and nice (and horrible at the same time) recently. Horrible as in scaring me and tickling me. But he's been nicer and sweeter than normal, which I like.
Anyways, my life is dull and boring...
OH! A girl is missing in a nearby town, so I should say something on that, since everyone's trying to spread the word....
I was going to upload a picture, but for whatever reason, cannot even save one to my computer... so, here's a link instead (lots of pictures there)....

Anyways... bye.

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