Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 hours to go..

I just laid down in bed (about 15 minutes ago now), and I was getting all comfy, and ready to fall asleep, when Johnny called.
He's at his friends house, just down the road a bit. He asked if he could come over here for the night to sleep, instead of on the floor there, and I of course said yes.  So now, instead of continuing my happy adventure to dream land, I'm trying to stay up until he gets here, in about 4 hours. (Around 3am..) Haha.
I find it kind of funny... I messaged him offline on Facebook to say good night, and that if he wanted to, he could call to talk or anything. And then 5 minutes after I lay down, he calls. I had assumed he got my message, but he didn't. And now I have to stay awake. I wasn't even tired until I laid down! XD
I was at his house last night! (: So, we get to sleep together two nights in a row, which will be nice. I miss double sleepovers. This is the second since school started, and it's been two months!
Oh, and Johnny and I buried the hamster. That was the second animal he buried this week. His best friends dog passed away earlier in the week.
My mother and I are also moving out. Her and her boyfriend are seperating (finally! It's been like 3 years) we'll be out by December 1st. Hopefully it's not too hard to find a place.
I'm so tired.....
I finished reading the book Wintergirls today. I started on Thursday or Friday. It was really good. In the end, I thought she might actually die, but it's not a book my english teacher would choose for the class, so it has a happy ending.
My english teacher has us read the worst books! Like they're good quality, but so depressing. Last year it was The Kite Runner, this year it was A Fine Balance.
I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow.
I have a Math Assignment, a Physics assignment, a Physics lab, 40 queue cards with facts and proper MLA formatting for sources due on the 27th, and a 20 minute long english presentation due on the 2nd of November.
I don't know what to do to pass the time until Johnny gets here....Which is why I'm kind of rambling on now.
I'm going Trick or Treating with Johnny this year! (: I haven't gone in like 4 years, and after trying on 3 or 4 different days, I finally convinced Johnny to take me. I just have to get us both costumes. I can't eat most of the stuff I'll get, making the people around me very lucky.
I did tell him I might be asleep when he got here... I left my bedroom door unlocked, and the house door unlocked too. So he can just come in on his own..
I might go to sleep, but then I'd feel kind of bad. Though I could easily wake up around 3, because I often do unintentionally...
I don't know, but I'm going to go for now.

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