Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't have much to post today... so I don't even really know why I'm posting. Probably because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Except English and Physics homework...
In English, we have to do two big projects. A research paper, and a current event. Last year, we did them on two different topics, but this year, we were given a wide range on the kind of topics we could choose, and we could do the same for both topics. I think I'm the only one still choosing two topics. Because I want to do the research paper on rats, but a presentation on rats wouldn't be very good, or cause a good debate. So, I'm doing PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as my current event. Because they are extremely debateable. I support their good things and ideas, but they have so many stupid and horrible ideas that I don't fully support them as an organization.
I wont get to talk to Johnny until around 11. He messaged me about 15 minutes ago saying he got a new game and wont be on until then. At least he messaged me to tell me. Often when this happens, he wont even tell me, and I'll spend all day waiting for him to come on.
I'm starting to get really tired, so maybe I'll take a short nap. I haven't taken one in like a week, and I usually take them every one or two days..School is exhausting.
I also can't stand any of my friends. Seriously, after school, I wont have like anything to do with them. I'll rant about them, using their initials rather than whole names.
JM: She's a total bitch. She doesn't care about anyone else. When there was an earthquake, and tsunami in Japan, she said they deserved it for hunting whales. I'm vegan, and I still dont think an entire country should have to deal with the consequences. And she always thinks she's right. ALWAYS. And if you argue against her, she gets all defensive and argues back, even when everyone tells her to shut up. She hates everyone, then says it's because they're rude to her. She's a total bitch to them for no reason, of course they'll be rude to her. And, she even puts down her friends and calls them stupid. Like if she gets a higher mark than a friend, they're automatically stupid, and she's smart and amazing. And she thinks she's better than everyone.
BW: He's not rude, or bitchy like JM is. But, he's oblivious, impossible to talk to, and interupts constantly. It's impossible to talk to him, or to talk to someone else when he's around. Or I'll ask him a question, and he will look at me, and then go about doing whatever, completely ignoring it.
VM: She's a lot like JM. She constantly whines and complains about the stupidest and smallest things. And she's a total bitch to everyone. But not her friends, at least. Like, we were on the bus one day, and before I got out of my seat, two other people passed me and got off, and she said I shouldn't have let them "cut infront of me" and then glared at them until one of them looked back, and looked like she then felt awkward. Seriously... it meant waiting like 3 extra seconds, over something so small and pointless, and she acts like a 9 year old over it. She too hates everyone, and says everyone's mean to her, but she acts like a 9 year old and complains over everything. She hates them and treats them like shit. There's one girl in my grade, who really cares about her grades, and one day last year in math, she was worrying when we were getting a test back about how she was doing, outloud to her friends, and this friend got pissed off, and after class went on about it, and mimicked her in a stupid voice. This has nothing to do with her, so she should be able to ignore it, and continue with HER life, rather than saying how much she hates this girl for worrying about her academic life to her friends.

Those are mainly my only friends in school. And my cousin, who does say lots of stupid things, give stupid ideas, zone one in the middle of me saying something, and sometimes makes it sound like she knows more about rats than me, and gives me advice, which I definately don't need. She annoys me a lot too when she does this stuff, but its'not near as often as the others, who are like that 85% of every day.

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