Friday, October 28, 2011


I haven't posted in a few days...
Last week we got grad photos done in school.. it makes me feel thirty.. XD
I think mine make my face look really fat. But anyways, here's one of them:
It's really grainy, or whatever that word is for all the white fuzzyness, because of the scanner.
You can see my neck tendon really clearly too. XD

Anyways, next topic..

I went to a nearby college/university (it's refered to as both, so I don't know which it actually is) today to talk to a professor about my science fair project for this year. I'm using soil as bedding for rats, and then seeing if it can be put back into the environment, but since it's winter, I'm going to be using it to grow plants instead to see how it works (indoors).

Third topic..

There was a presentation in my Adv. English class yesterday about a business programme offered at the college/university I was at earlier today. It's an International Business programme, which sounds really good and interesting, and gives you 6 months work experience over the 4 years. You also move to The Netherlands for a year for it. It sounds really amazing, and something I'd be interested in. But, then there's my pets and Johnny, if I went, they couldn't go. Well, Johnny could, but he doesn't want to. So I don't know if I'm going to go. If I went Johnny and I'd have to break up, and I don't really want to do that. But I might still apply for 2013, because by then, we could be broken up, or he'd be willing to go there, or stay together while I go.
He had a girlfriend in Brazil (foreign exchange student) who he was planning on staying with until he could go there to see her, or potentially move there, and was staying with her until they could be together, even more than a year long, like not being with other girls or anything, so I think it's total bullshit, that he's refusing to even try to stay together during that year, to be honest. He was younger then, and they weren't even together for very long and she treated him like shit.
It's my life, I should do what I want.

I don't really have much else to say. I'm tired and sleeping all the time pretty much.
I'm going trick or treating with Johnny on Monday.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 hours to go..

I just laid down in bed (about 15 minutes ago now), and I was getting all comfy, and ready to fall asleep, when Johnny called.
He's at his friends house, just down the road a bit. He asked if he could come over here for the night to sleep, instead of on the floor there, and I of course said yes.  So now, instead of continuing my happy adventure to dream land, I'm trying to stay up until he gets here, in about 4 hours. (Around 3am..) Haha.
I find it kind of funny... I messaged him offline on Facebook to say good night, and that if he wanted to, he could call to talk or anything. And then 5 minutes after I lay down, he calls. I had assumed he got my message, but he didn't. And now I have to stay awake. I wasn't even tired until I laid down! XD
I was at his house last night! (: So, we get to sleep together two nights in a row, which will be nice. I miss double sleepovers. This is the second since school started, and it's been two months!
Oh, and Johnny and I buried the hamster. That was the second animal he buried this week. His best friends dog passed away earlier in the week.
My mother and I are also moving out. Her and her boyfriend are seperating (finally! It's been like 3 years) we'll be out by December 1st. Hopefully it's not too hard to find a place.
I'm so tired.....
I finished reading the book Wintergirls today. I started on Thursday or Friday. It was really good. In the end, I thought she might actually die, but it's not a book my english teacher would choose for the class, so it has a happy ending.
My english teacher has us read the worst books! Like they're good quality, but so depressing. Last year it was The Kite Runner, this year it was A Fine Balance.
I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow.
I have a Math Assignment, a Physics assignment, a Physics lab, 40 queue cards with facts and proper MLA formatting for sources due on the 27th, and a 20 minute long english presentation due on the 2nd of November.
I don't know what to do to pass the time until Johnny gets here....Which is why I'm kind of rambling on now.
I'm going Trick or Treating with Johnny this year! (: I haven't gone in like 4 years, and after trying on 3 or 4 different days, I finally convinced Johnny to take me. I just have to get us both costumes. I can't eat most of the stuff I'll get, making the people around me very lucky.
I did tell him I might be asleep when he got here... I left my bedroom door unlocked, and the house door unlocked too. So he can just come in on his own..
I might go to sleep, but then I'd feel kind of bad. Though I could easily wake up around 3, because I often do unintentionally...
I don't know, but I'm going to go for now.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Johnny's hamster died.
I didn't know why, so I checked online. Apparently hamsters normally live 2 - 3 years. The hamster was 2 and a half.
I had noticed she hadn't been moving all day, which is normal for her, because she's been really lazy recently. I don't know anything about hamsters, so I didn't know why. I also didn't even know their life span.
About 30 minutes ago, I thought about how she hadn't moved all day, so I went to check to see if she was alive. Before I even touched her, I could feel the coldness radiating off of her. But I still touched her, just to be sure. I didn't want her to be dead. Especially since she was in my care, and I have to tell Johnny about it in an hour when he comes on Facebook to talk. I'm going to ask him if I can call, so I can at least say it with my voice, rather than type it.
I put her in a little box, with a bunch of shavings. If I had cotton balls, I'd give her those too, because she loved cotton balls. I might get some tomorrow if I can. I want to make her a warm little bed to be buried in.
When I picked her up to be placed in the box, I checked to see how she looked. She was already stiff. Luckily, she looked exactly like she was asleep, so there's a good possibilty she passed away while sleeping and didn't suffer or anything.
She was originally Johnny's brothers hamster, and he never took care of her. There were times when we'd play with her, and she wouldn't even have food or water, so we'd give her those. We cleaned out her cage. We played with her. We picked her up. And we cared. He did none of those. And we've only been doing this the last few months, so at least the last few months of her life, she had people how cared about her.
I feel like most people wouldn't get upset over a hamster dying. Because, it's "just" a hamster, it wasn't mine, and I only knew her for a few months. But I still cared about her and liked her a lot. I wish I had known her longer.
Hopefully tomorrow Johnny and I can bury her.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't have much to post today... so I don't even really know why I'm posting. Probably because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Except English and Physics homework...
In English, we have to do two big projects. A research paper, and a current event. Last year, we did them on two different topics, but this year, we were given a wide range on the kind of topics we could choose, and we could do the same for both topics. I think I'm the only one still choosing two topics. Because I want to do the research paper on rats, but a presentation on rats wouldn't be very good, or cause a good debate. So, I'm doing PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as my current event. Because they are extremely debateable. I support their good things and ideas, but they have so many stupid and horrible ideas that I don't fully support them as an organization.
I wont get to talk to Johnny until around 11. He messaged me about 15 minutes ago saying he got a new game and wont be on until then. At least he messaged me to tell me. Often when this happens, he wont even tell me, and I'll spend all day waiting for him to come on.
I'm starting to get really tired, so maybe I'll take a short nap. I haven't taken one in like a week, and I usually take them every one or two days..School is exhausting.
I also can't stand any of my friends. Seriously, after school, I wont have like anything to do with them. I'll rant about them, using their initials rather than whole names.
JM: She's a total bitch. She doesn't care about anyone else. When there was an earthquake, and tsunami in Japan, she said they deserved it for hunting whales. I'm vegan, and I still dont think an entire country should have to deal with the consequences. And she always thinks she's right. ALWAYS. And if you argue against her, she gets all defensive and argues back, even when everyone tells her to shut up. She hates everyone, then says it's because they're rude to her. She's a total bitch to them for no reason, of course they'll be rude to her. And, she even puts down her friends and calls them stupid. Like if she gets a higher mark than a friend, they're automatically stupid, and she's smart and amazing. And she thinks she's better than everyone.
BW: He's not rude, or bitchy like JM is. But, he's oblivious, impossible to talk to, and interupts constantly. It's impossible to talk to him, or to talk to someone else when he's around. Or I'll ask him a question, and he will look at me, and then go about doing whatever, completely ignoring it.
VM: She's a lot like JM. She constantly whines and complains about the stupidest and smallest things. And she's a total bitch to everyone. But not her friends, at least. Like, we were on the bus one day, and before I got out of my seat, two other people passed me and got off, and she said I shouldn't have let them "cut infront of me" and then glared at them until one of them looked back, and looked like she then felt awkward. Seriously... it meant waiting like 3 extra seconds, over something so small and pointless, and she acts like a 9 year old over it. She too hates everyone, and says everyone's mean to her, but she acts like a 9 year old and complains over everything. She hates them and treats them like shit. There's one girl in my grade, who really cares about her grades, and one day last year in math, she was worrying when we were getting a test back about how she was doing, outloud to her friends, and this friend got pissed off, and after class went on about it, and mimicked her in a stupid voice. This has nothing to do with her, so she should be able to ignore it, and continue with HER life, rather than saying how much she hates this girl for worrying about her academic life to her friends.

Those are mainly my only friends in school. And my cousin, who does say lots of stupid things, give stupid ideas, zone one in the middle of me saying something, and sometimes makes it sound like she knows more about rats than me, and gives me advice, which I definately don't need. She annoys me a lot too when she does this stuff, but its'not near as often as the others, who are like that 85% of every day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Got a new rat today!

His name is Ruffles. I didn't name him. But I'm keeping his name as it is. He's around 6 months old. He's still pretty shy. But he's so adorable! He came with a nice big cage too. I don't have any photos yet, because of him being shy.
I'm really exhausted and I don't know why. I am most days, but not always this much!
I really need to pee. But my mothers boyfriend (or ex, I don't even know) is in the shower. I say maybe ex, because she said we got a new rat cage today (we didn't even mention that a rat came with the cage) and he said he was moving out. It's pretty pathetic when you decide to move out over a cage. But then again, he's pathetic. He's an alcoholic. Constantly complains about my rats, who he has NOTHING to do with. He doesn't even have to see them. But "he's the man of the house, so he's in charge" So, no rats can be in a room he never goes in, because he dislikes them. I dislike alcohol. Get that out of the fucking house. Seriously. I hope he gets liver cancer. I'm sick of him, by far.
Anyways.. Johnny hasn't been on Facebook to talk to yet today, and I miss him. I always miss him, but I haven't talked to him since last night, so I really miss him!
I don't really forgive him for cheating though. I don't think I ever will. And I try not to, but I do hold it against him. I think about it constantly, but never tell him. I get mad about it all the time. I don't want to be mad at him, or hate him or anything. But, it's hard for my personality not to. Ever since finding out, we argue and disagree and stuff more. And I know that's why. We aren't like we used to be. Things are going amazing, and bad at the same time. And he hardly knows about the bad part. If I talk about it, then it could easily get worse, so I don't want to talk to him about it. And it wouldn't make things better or anything.
Honestly, if it weren't for that incident, I'd say we have a 95% perfect relationship. But with the cheating, it's like 65%.
But I want to stop talking about that. I went to see my friend Brandon while he was working today. I got a bottle of pop. I was too nervous to go in the store alone, so my mom had to come with me. haha.
But my friends annoy me really often too, so... I don't know. Everyone in my life has done something to make me dislike them.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, I'm not longer sick.
Tomorrow after school, I'm going to look at a rat someone has to find a new home for. It's not too far from where I live.
The TV just said 'The fish in the hat' but it honestly sounded more like 'The bitch in the hat'. My mouth dropped, because this is a kids channel. XD
I don't have much to say... but hey, I'm posting again soon!
I did not do any homework this weekend...
Johnny might be coming over for a bit some day this week. He's going to a friends house, who lives not far from me. And he said he'd be here for a bit. (:
I have 2 hours of Physics and then an hour of math tomorrow morning....
And a test in Physics.
I got 5 week marks on Friday.. I have a 44% in Physics, 51% in Math, and a 93% in Adv. English..
Anyways, I'll go now. Bye.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been under two weeks since I last posted!

I'm getting pretty active again!....not really....
Well... I have a cold. ):
I only had school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week, due to Thanksgiving, and an inservice. But I have yet to go this week. I'm being forced to go tomorrow, even if I'm still sick.
But, afterwards, Johnny's coming over for the night. (:
I don't know if I mentioned this in my last post.... but I have 4 new rats. Aubrey, Josh, Brooke, and Bradley. They're around 6 weeks old. Aubrey and Brooke are in with the big girls. But Josh and Bradley aren't going in with my big boys until they are big themselves...and they're sick. They have colds, but it's nothing too serious. Brooke has a lump on her tummy. And umbilical hernia... so, a pocket of fat pretty much. When she's old enough, I'm getting it removed, because there's a chance of intestine getting stuck in it and killing her, and I'm not risking it.
I had my cousin over for the night one night, to see the new babies, and Johnny ended up coming over for the night too. He slept on the floor. XD We went to Subway (his choice) and a grocery store, a pet store, and a park, twice (all my choice...) We also watched two scary movies... Devil and I forget the other one. But a guy set a bunch of traps in a house and a family and a burgular who had renovated their house and their cat were trapped inside. Both movies scared me of course. During Devil the only scary scene I actually saw, was the scariest scene of them all.. of course...
Oh, and I didn't mention this earlier, but the new rats brings my total to 16. <3
One day last week, Johnny actually said he missed me, because we don't get to see eachother as much. I'm usually the one to say this, and he usually calls me clingy, so it was nice when he actually said it for once...he's so clingy.... (that was a joke.) He's been pretty sweet and nice (and horrible at the same time) recently. Horrible as in scaring me and tickling me. But he's been nicer and sweeter than normal, which I like.
Anyways, my life is dull and boring...
OH! A girl is missing in a nearby town, so I should say something on that, since everyone's trying to spread the word....
I was going to upload a picture, but for whatever reason, cannot even save one to my computer... so, here's a link instead (lots of pictures there)....

Anyways... bye.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


On Thursday and Friday I got two new rats (each day). So, four in total. They're like between 3 - 7 weeks old, so really young. Possibly too young. I'm feeding them cat food to make up for it though.
I'll make another post, all about them.
Brooke, one of the two girls has a lump on her tummy. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I'm hoping it's just a cyst. It's likely just not a tumor, since she's so young. I didn't notice until after I bought her, but even if I had noticed before I bought her, I'd have probably still bought her.
Johnny went with me both times to buy them all. He actually paid for one of the second two. And he named Brooke.
On the way back from getting them, he said when we're older, I should get my tubes tied, and we can just have a bunch of pets instead. I'm totally down for that. But I'd feel bad for my mom, because she loves kids and I'm her only child. XD
I'm hoping to get her into the vet on Friday.
Johnny had also recently taken his brothers hamster into his room, because no one else ever paid attention to it at all. But, when he got back home from being at a friends house and mine today, he discovered the hamster was missing. But he has no idea how it got out of it's cage. It's really sad. Johnny has 3 cats, so he thinks it's likely dead. But I like to have at least a little hope that she's still alive somewhere in their house..
I feel really bad for him. He really liked the hamster and tried to hard to become friends with it.. I hope he finds it. ): If not, I want to see if Johnny will at some point get a new hamster. He was really good with the hamster.
I'm always tired, which effects my school work. I have a LOT to do tomorrow, along with seeing Johnny for a bit. And I have a Physics test on Monday. I may fail.
Anways, in general life is pretty good I guess. School sucks for the most part. If it weren't for school, and Johnny's hamster wasn't missing, life would be pretty amazing right now.