Friday, May 27, 2011


The babies are doing well.
I was finally able to touch them after school wednesday, and I counted them; there's 12.  I did have to touch two Wednesday morning though, when I brought a piece of peanutbutter sandwhich ino Mikey's cage, because she ran for the sandwhich (really wanting it) and dragged two babies along with her, so I set them back in the nest. Normally I would have brought the sandwhich to her, but she ran for it instead. XD
I usually bring her, her food, or use the food to lure her away from the babies to I can see them.
She's fine with me touching them. I was helping her bring them all closer to her today, and picking them up right in front of her and she just ignored it.
I'm trying to convince my mother to let me keep one, because I'd have it right from birth for its whole life! She said she'll think about it.. but not yet.
I have my IRP to do this weekend. It's due Monday. I had to do one last semester, I did it at Johnny's house in two days. XD I'm hoping to do it in two days now, too. But, Johnny wont be here, so I wont have him for company, and to keep me from getting distracted with things such as posting here...
I got 49.5/50 on my article analysis though, which is really good. It's worth 10% of the mark for the class.
Shane's (my rat) all sad because he's alone, and in a small hamster cage now, because of the babies, I try spending time with him, and giving him treats, but he still seems sad!

Two days old:

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  1. Cool! I bet it would be nice if you could keep one, as you said looking after it from birth would be a nice experience.

    By the way, you should try and post photos whenever you can, it peps up the post.