Monday, May 23, 2011


I dont know if I wrote this in the last post, or if this is the thing I was going to talk about and then forgot.
Anyways, when I was with my aunt and cousin on the weekend, we were going to a bunch of antique stores and things like that. In one store, I found a book called 14, 000 things to be happy about. I'm going to try to do everything on the list. With help of course, from my cousin, and Johnny. Some, I've done before of course. One of the things is defusing a bomb..
I also got a shark tooth necklace, and the tooth is over a million years old, which is cool.
Johnny is giving me a "surprise visit" later tonight. It's a surprise, but I already know about it. I'll be glad to see him. He told me about the surprise visit, so it's not like the surprise was ruined... I told him I'd be very surprised when he came over, and I plan to act surprised...maybe.
I got a book about Christ and Satan that was originally bought 125 years ago for $20 at one store.
And, I had been telling Johnny about how nice the place is, and that he should go down there sometime, like the whole area, and the Inn, so we talked a little about going down together. I really do want to go with him. So, I will need a job, and save up any birthday money I get. I want to go within the next few months, while things are still really good between us. I was thinking around August 14th, because that's the date directly in between our birthdays.  Or like, the 13th - 15th. Of course that's during the high season, so it would be most expensive then. Two nights would cost between $258 - $358. If we waited and went in November, it would be cheaper, but I don't want to wait. And, if it was around my birthday, maybe I could get my mom to give me some money to go, as a birthday present. In total the trip would probably be like $500 - $600. With $200 - $300 for food, gas, and spending money.


  1. 14, 000 things? That's a bit much.
    I think the things you should be happy about are the things that don't make you feel angry, sad, guilty, or sick. Everything else, you should be happy about.

  2. It's a lot, but a lot of the things are easy, and things I've done before. So, it's not too bad, I can probably already check a couple hundred off of it.