Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last night my laptop got yet another virus.. I don't even know where it's been getting them; it's the third in like a month..
I was really mad, because my Independent Research Project is due tomorrow, and it's on my laptop, and I thought I'd have to redo it, on a working computer, and instead of a simple powerpoint, do a term paper. And, the last time my laptop got a virus is was like two days before my article analysis, that takes ~16 hours to do, and I had to completely redo that.
My laptop wouldn't work at all, so I went out onto my mothers computer, and I messaged Johnny, who I had been talking to on my laptop, and told him I got yet another virus. And, then I was talking about how if I didn't get my IRP done, I'd fail Global History, because it's worth 20% - 30% of the final mark. And, I had been so pissed off, because of the virus... and while ranting to Johnny about it, he said "I love you. (:" So, of course I wasn't as mad at all after that. I'm really different with him than anyone else. If anyone else, even previous boyfriends or friends said "I love you" trying to make things better, I'd just get more mad; at them, for thinking that just telling me they loved me would make all my problems disappear. But, he's able to say it, and it actually does help.
Anyways, I did get the virus off the laptop, because after Johnny said that, I decided to google it, and try to fix it on my own, so I could get my IRP done... and it worked. I still have over half my IRP to do today.. but I can get it done. I have 14 slides now, and I only really need 20... so even though I haven't covered most of the information yet, I can cover it in less slides, without getting in trouble. And, it's on the advancements of space science, so it's something I'm interested in, and already know/understand a lot of the material, so it's easy, and keeps me amused.
I don't remember if I said this or not, but on my Article Analysis that I had to redo, I got 49.5/50 on it, and the teacher said it was excellent and well written, and he knew I had stayed home to redo it because my laptop got a virus, and I lost it two days before the due date.
I have a 49% in math right now.. but if I study well, I can bring it up on the exam.
My chemistry mark went from a 30 to a 33.... I have no idea how.. I fail all quizzes/tests, and I haven't passed a single assignment in all semester.. XD
I'm supposed to be going to Johnny's tomorrow after school, and possibly spending the night if he still wants me to. He'd have to drive me to school the next morning though. But, he did that last Friday.. except I got him to drive me in at 11, so I missed two hours of Chemistry... I forget what class I had on Thursday, and I wasn't in school Friday, so I dont know what I'll have for the double Tuesday morning. Oh! I think I may have had double chemistry again that double yoga on tuesday..maybe.

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  1. Yeah, you already said that you got 49.5/50 on that Article Analysis. I don't blame you though, it is pretty good!