Monday, February 06, 2012

Science Fair

For this years science fair, because I'm taking Advanced Biology, it has to be an experiment, so I'm testing whether male or female rats are smarter, by teaching my rats tricks, and seeing whether males or females catch on faster! And probably use a maze too at some point. I'm pretty excited. And in doing so, I'm getting one more female rat, so I will have 4 girls I want to use and 4 boys. But I may use more of mine too. Oh, and this will bring my total to 25, which is great, because I like numbers ending in 5 or 0 most. (:
Johnny ended up not coming over Sunday night, because his mom worked on Monday morning, so instead, he's coming over tomorrow and Wednesday night! (:
Then I'm going to my fathers on Thursday night to hangout with Oliver. His great grandmother, on his mom's side passed away last week.
And, I think of Friday, I will be at my cousins for the night, and we will be going to Chapters on Saturday. We've been trying to go since Christmas, but haven't been able to yet, because something always gets in the way.

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