Friday, February 17, 2012

Johhny's been really great this week!

He's been really sweet, and he got me that necklace for Valentine's Day, and drove me in to get Valentine.
And last night, he just got even better!
This is what I posted on Tumblr about it, I don't want to re-write.. :P

When we went to the pet store earlier this week to get me another female rat (Valentine, because that’s when I got her), we saw two beautiful rats (the ones in the picture). Of course, I loved them and wanted one, but they’re boys, and I was getting a girl!
We both really liked them, and I kept talking about how they’d end up sold as snake food, and we were both sad of course. (This is why I rarely go to pet stores anymore).
Last night, my mom called the pet store, to see if they had any good rat food that what cheaper than what we’re buying now, which they did. And since we’re now saving $120 on rat food every month and a half, I asked if we could get one of the two grey rats, and she agreed. So, one of the rats was put on hold for us to pick up today, and the girl said the other was already put on hold by somebody. So I was really glad one was left!
I called my boyfriend and told him I was getting one, and he seemed really happy for me…
Later that night he told me he was the one who reserved the other rat. He was going to get me it as a surprise, but I had already reserved the other. :P 
So, since the one that was reserved for him has been caged alone (apparently he’s aggressive with other rats), he decided to keep that one himself! So now we have both of those pretty rats! 
It was such an amazing coincidence! It absolutely made my week!
Their names are Orville and Elliot. Orville is his, with standard ears. Elliot, who is mine, is dumbo. 
Even though he’s supposed to be aggressive, Orville seems to get along great with Elliot, so they will have lots of play dates! Or maybe he’ll even get a friend of his own… ;)
(Please ignore how bad I look in this photo...) The one I'm holding is mine, Elliot. And Johnny is holding his, Orville. They're about 4 months old, I'd say.
P.S. I can't get any more rats.. haha.


  1. Wow it's been ages since I visited. Sounds like things are much better than when I last came here, so that's good.

    Then again, my presence (or its absence) shouldn't be worth much: writing it all down is what matters, right?

  2. Yeah, haha.
    I just made a new blog as well, I wanted a change, so if you'd want to follow the new one, its

  3. I am afraid of rats, even just seeing the picture?