Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I moved on Friday. I'm not far from the old place, but it's far enough away from Rodney. It's an apartment building, which isn't ideal. Too close to like 4 other families... but, it's away from Rodney, so it's pretty great. I still haven't really unpacked.
4 of 6 of my cats have got under my bed since moving... When I was setting my bed down to set it up, Fat got stuck under it, for five hours... until my mom and I got desperate, and checked under the bed, only to be surprised we actually found him. When we were getting him out, Jake went under. An hour later I heard her growling, and we got her out. Jon is small enough to go under and out as she pleases. Aaron can get under, but she can't get out....
Where it's exam week, and we've had two snow days, tomorrow when I am home I will work on organizing my room.
I'm at Johnny's right now. I spent the night here last night. I had a dream, where I went to a SPCA, and I was going to adopt a whale, but it was too expensive, so I got a pink puppy instead. Hahaha. (: I want a pink puppy now.
I'm finished with my exams. I did good on math and english, of course. But, like expected, I failed Physics, for sure! Oh well.
Next semester, starting Friday, I have Math 12, Agrifoods 11, Adv. Bio 12, and Sociology 12.

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