Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This is from Tumblr, but no one ever asks, so I'm just answering them here.
1. It's big.
2. It has a big closet.
3. It's beige.
4. It has a big window.
5. It's always way too hot.
6. It normally has 25 rats in it.
7. It currently only has 17. (The others are in the living room).
8. It isn't organized.
9. It was sweeped today.
10. It's the only room with light wood floors, not dark.

1. I live with my mother.
2. I am her only child.
3. My father has another child.
4. My little brother is 7.
5. My grandmother lives next door to my father.
6. I only have one grandparent left.
7. One of my cousins is one of my best friend.
8. Most everyone in my family plays guitar.
9. Uhm, we're of scottish decent.

1. I'm the fattest I've ever been. About 125 pounds.
2. I'm 5'3".
3. I'm really pale.
4. I have light brown hair.
5. I am not missing any toes or fingers.
6. I have a purple, hard to see, birthmark on my arm.
7. I'm left handed.
8. I have small feet.

1. I was born 5 weeks early.
2. I was forced to live with my father, but always wanted to live with my mother.
3. I hated my father and his girlfriend.
4. I wasn't treated well by my guardians.
5. My (now ex)step mother threatened to kill me.
6. I was forced to take pills when I was sick, even though pills make me vomit.
7. I hated my childhood.

1. It's small.
2. It has two churches.
3. It has three main roads.
4. There is a river running through the center.
5. It's in the country.
6. There are a lot of farms on it.

1. One is my boyfriend.
2. The other is my cousin.
3. One is 19.
4. The other is 16.
5. They both like rats because of me!

1. My mother gets mad easily.
2. My father is an asshole.
3. My mother is stubborn.
4. My father thinks he is always right.

1. I'm shy.
2. If you deserve it, I'll be a bitch.
3. I'm not always looking for attention.

1. Rats are cute.
2. So is my boyfriend.

1. His birthday is August 17th.

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