Sunday, July 31, 2011


Johnny was here last night for the night, well to sleep. I woke up at 4:00 this morning and went on Facebook to see if he was on to talk to because I couldn't sleep. He was at his friends house, so I assumed he'd be awake still. And he was. We talked until 6:00 and then he decided to come here to sleep, so he didn't have to sleep on the floor or something. He usually comes here to sleep when he's there. He hasn't slept here in a really long time. He feels more comfortable sleeping at his house, so we always hang out there now. He's hardly even been here in over a month; maybe 4 times. I don't mind though. Every time we hang out now, it's for the night, and it's always for at least two nights in a row. Ever since we hung out for two nights for the first time, we've been together more. Even more after being together for 5 or 6 days straight. I like seeing him more, and it feels like we're getting a lot closer. He seems to want to be in a relationship a lot more now, and that he's happy in it and stuff.
All I've really been doing all summer is hanging out with Johnny. I house-sat for my aunt and uncle a few weeks ago for the weekend.
I got The Sims 3 yesterday. But I don't think I'll be playing too much. Mainly at Johnny's so we can talk and I can play at the same time.
Other than that, not much has changed, and nothing interesting is happening.
But I'd say my life is pretty great right now. Except I'm still always tired.


  1. its so sweet your in a happy relationship like that:')

    Hope you last x

  2. Awww, I see your relationship is going strong. Good to know :)

  3. thats so cute I hope you two last long! Im following btw!
    I just started blogging and it would be so cool if you could check my blog out! Its not too much so far but I plan on writing a lot more about my life, fashion/beauty, teenage topics, trending topics, humorous posts and so much more!