Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Days 17 - 23

Day 17 - Is there anything you would you like to change about yourself?
Day 18 - Talk about your extended family. Why do you think they are the way they are?
Day 19 - If you could be anywhere in the world, but you had to be there for a certain cause, where would you be and why?
Day 20 - Again, pick a song that projects the mood of your week or day.
Day 21 - Look back. Why did you choose this challenge? Do you think it says anything about you?
Day 22 - How do you think people see you? Be a little negative and a little positive.
Day 23 - Explain your life plan for the next month, then the next year, then three years, then five years

Day 17 - A lot of stuff. Appearence, less awkward/shy, smarter, etc.   
Day 18 - I actually don't know any of them that well..
Day 19 - Johnny's house, to play a game with him because he wanted me to play with him, but I had to come home today because I had a doctors appointment.
Day 20 - A lullaby. I've been sleepy and lazy.
Day 21 - I was just bored, so I chose it randomly.
Day 22 - They probably either see me as shy, weird, or intimidating. Those are the words I know of that strangers have used to describe me.. XD
Day 23 - Month: Spend time with Johnny, sell baby rats.
Year: Finish high school, figure out where I'm living, and how to get a petstore going.
Three years: Open a petstore.
Five years: Be running a petstore. Hopefully still with Johnny...

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