Saturday, July 02, 2011


The rats started to chew through the wire mesh on the cage, so I took it off. I was really worried that the babies wouldn't be able to stay in there, because they'd get out, and there is a chance they could. So, I put the cage back in the original box, cut a place for the water bottle, and two corners so once wall folds down. That way, they can't get out of the cage unless they are absolutely desperate.
I felt so bad for Shane when I put the babies back in with their mother until figuring out something to do. Because he was back to being alone and lonely again. But at least I don't have to worry about that now, all the boys are able to stay in the cagre again now.
I tried taking a video on my laptop of the boys playing, but after playing with them for about 15 minutes, I decided to stop. And then I noticed the video hadn't recorded there was no video. And, they were all laying down by the time I noticed, so I couldn't take another video then.
I'm supposed to be going to a  big kid party later. Like, the kind with alcohol and drugs and stuff. I will not be doing either of those, I'm just going to watch Johnny's band play, and then probably follow him around like a lost child, and try to be kind of social... I was going to get my mother to drive me there, but she wont be home. But, since it's just up the rode, Johnny said he could pick me up if she couldn't take me there, and he was already planning on driving me back home.
Johnny is thinking about taking two of the baby rats (girls). It would be great if he did. Because he'd take Phillis, the one I was going to be keeping, and also her best friend. They're both really shy, and I don't want them seperated, and I want to be able to see them, so with him would be great.
Either way, there's 3 or 4 pairs to find homes for. 3, if he takes two.
I need to put an ad online soon or something to find homes for the rest. And, I'm going to say, for anyone who gets them, that if ever they no longer want them or something, they can just give/sell them back to me. Because someone might buy them, and then them or their kids never pay attention to them or look after them, so if that happens, they'd be better off back with me, looking for a new home or something.


  1. (This comment is related to your gap year page.)
    My twin brother is taking a gap year this year. He is working as a 'gap student' at The Regent's School, an international school in Bangkok (Thailand). He gets to stay in the res and he gets paid enough to fund his own travels during the holidays and weekends. For the next few weeks he's going to tour India and Malaysia.
    He basically just assists the teachers in class, helps with sport in the afternoon and helps in the res at night. He is having a great time. Maybe you should look into that for a gap year?

  2. (This comment is related to the post.)

    I agree that if someone doesn't want the rats anymore they should sell them back to you. I also think that if Johnny took those you mentioned it'd be good, that way even if you don't keep any you can still see them. Maybe you could even borrow them sometimes XD