Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm at Johnny's right now, but he is not here. He went to his neighbors for an hour after being invited over to get high. So I'm staying here and thinking of all the sneaky stuff I could but probably wont do. XD He'll be gone for about an hour. I was supposed to go home tonight, but he asked me if I wanted to stay again tonight and of course I said yes. So I get to miss double english tomorrow (two hours of class presentations) and go in at lunch.
Johnny got the video game Skyrim, which he's been playing a lot. And I've just been on his laptop.
I also planned out some rat breeding. I am breeding Harriet in January to Merlin, and then around February 19th, I'm breeding Aubrey to Theodore, so she will give birth over March break. And then in about a year and a half, one of Aubrey's babies either back to Aubrey, or to Josh. Since apparently it is safe to inbreed rats. I just learned today. And I want a dumbo baby, and Aubrey and Theodore wont produce any, but their baby will when bred to a dumbo. And I wont be breeding Bradley I don't think unless his health seems to improve, and his illness was a one time thing.. I'll watch him and Josh as they get older. I like Bradley's personality better than Josh's, but Josh seems healthier.
Anyways, I don't really have anything else to post right I'll go. bye!

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  1. I... Who... Josh?... Babies?

    You're frying my brain... so much breeding it's hard to follow.

    I tried >.<