Sunday, November 06, 2011


My laptop broke Friday night. So from now on my posts will be shorter, because I am using my iPod.
Iwas also at johnny's Friday night… it was both good and bad we talked about a lot of stuff, like him cheating and my childhood, which wasn't a very good time in mu life. But we also had some good times too, like watching weird movies. I feel bad for how iam acting now Nd stuff since he cheated but I cahttps ( reAlly that should say can't) help it.. But we both want to move past it. Hopefully things get better soon. He was with friends last might Nd stoped in today after taking one home just to say hi which aS really sweet.
Now I am going to type S fast as I normally would so you can see how horrible it is on an iPod.
I ja e physics tomorrow thAT if due. &5/ts Nlab TNT I jadnto xo with a groisp since we didn't have time unclEs webjadbto do it flrrjrr of. Chat in face poon чччi wonder whY poon means this isn't as bad as I ezpd t I
fern gberrrr this is. Realty fun I sjoudl do itlre often I used to cl this s lot o history ads I probably seem like a jgrnoffofp to anyone reaongy blog hopefullytnere zed ko new resign thYmine a
s stung awY! Well this is grttkg stupid Toni sjoudl fo Nd stop doign rios... Ateadfndtkp doing it in public m na bog! Bye!

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