Saturday, December 17, 2011

it's been a while...

I don't know how many rats I had last time I posted, I think it was 17, with Ruffles newly here.
Anyways, it's now 21. I got three girls two weeks ago, Nina, Sky, and Kino, they're cute, and 3 and 1 years old.
And now to describe how I got rat number 21, I'm just going to paste what I said to Johnny in a message on facebook last night, because it's long....
I want to tell you about new rat. There is a very good explination though! My mom had to go check Canadian Tire for something, and Rodney isn't home so she asked me to go with her, and I said yes. And she asked me to actually go in the store with her, so I said I would, as long as she took me "just to look" in the pet store. So, we went in and I saw two really cute rats, but one was this little dumbo who looked cute, but really grumpily! So I of course was attached to him. And then these guys came in to buy mice as snake food, and decided to buy a rat too, as food. And they said "get the black one." My Cherrio is black, so I got really scared that they were going to take my boy! And I went in back, and I was shaking, and breathing heavily, I was so scared! So my mom went up to the guys and asked if we could look at the rat to see if it was the grumpy one I liked, and luckily it wasn't. But I had been terrified! So my mom couldn't say no after that, and we got him! I wanted the other black one too that I liked, but she said no. But I got my Cherrio out! And then when we were in the parking lot, we saw those guys again, and they had lost their rat in the parking lot! So it's not even going to get eating by a snake.. I honestly hope it gets hit by a car, rather than freezing or starving to death. And I hope they didn't go in for another rat.. because then two rats would have died, rather than just one.
But my Cherrio is alive. I named his Cherrio because he loves Cherrios even more than Ruffles. He will also live with Ruffles, I introduced them a bit today, but they can't live together just yet, so for now he's in a box. He's really cute and friendly! His back and head are all black, but one white line like Ruffles has going from his forhead to his nose diagonally, but thicker and easier to see. But his tummy is mainly white. XD He also has a very small umbilical hernia, but at that size, I wouldn't worry about it. He's wonderful! And doesn't really look grump anymore, only when I first saw him, but he's still cute, and will hopefully look like that again some time! XD
See, I had to get Cherrio, I almost died because of him. Well, not die, but I was starting to sweat and get really hot and light headed like I was about to faint. Or cry. Either one, really.

Winter break also started yesterday. I'm not celebrating Christmas with my mom this year though, I told her to spend the money she would have spent on my for Christmas on moving, away from her alcoholic boyfriend, so we're moving hopefully mid-January. But I celebrate Christmas twice anyways, since my parents are divorced, so it's not like I'm missing out on anything. And some kids can't even celebrate any year, and I get two Christmases, which makes me seem like a horrible person. My mom said Cherrio was my Christmas present. And besides,Cherrio and moving, is very good, in my eyes, so those are pretty much my Christmas presents.

I'm really tired. And hungry. I was sick last week and didn't sleep good. And there's hardly anything to eat here, because my mom and I haven't gone to get groceries yet.

And about breeding, which I posted before... Harriet with Merlin, and Aubrey with Theodore. In February, so the babies are born during March break.

But, I have nothing else to write about, so I'll go now.

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