Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm really bored. It's 9:20, usually I'd be in bed by now, but I had a nap from 5 until 7:30. I also want to talk to Johnny, and he wont be on for a while. We didn't talk much today, we were both kind of busy.  I think when he does eventually get on, if I'm still up, I'll just get him or call me, or vice versa. That way I can lay in bed while talking. My mom and I went shopping at 2 am last night, so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds.. I got a pillow and play-doh. We aren't really celebrating Christmas here this year, so those were kind of my presents. XD The pillow is nice and comfy. I'm getting another one for Johnny, but he doesn't quite know yet. I'm also getting him shoes for Christmas. I got my brother, father, grandmother, and father's girlfriend gifts last night.
I'm watching Snow Buddies right now.. XD
I'm getting really tired right now.
Now I'm making noodles and drinking chocolate soy milk.
And I have nothing else to talk about...
I went to Johnny's a few days ago, for three nights. We got along pretty well for the mostpart. On the 4th day, we went to the hospital to have his chest and stomache checked out because it's been bothering him a lot recently. Apparently he has some stomache issue that, by taking a now prescribed medicine, should clear up in a month, which is really good.
I'm still tired. My tongue has been hurting all day. I don't really know why, it was likely something I ate, but I don't know what.
It's almost 10 now... I'm so tired. XD
I guess I'll go now. I have to put dishes away.

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