Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Today's my birthday. And my mother's birthday.
But, we aren't celebrating.
Last night Rodney, my mother's now ex-boyfriend, was drunk like usual, and got mad over the electricity, and the animals, which he has nothing to do with, but still hates. He was going around and turning on every electrical device in the house, because he was mad about the power bill....which makes no sense, he's only making it worse. And he'll be alone to pay for it.
Anyways, after that, he said my mother had to get out of "his house." Though they both pay for it, it's in both names. He has control issues. Of course we already knew we were leaving. After that, he  lost the chord to his camera, and spent like an hour yelling at my mother that she took it, which she obviously wouldn't do; that's just stupid. And telling her to find it, because he got drunk and lost it. A while later, he shut off all of the power in the house. My mother got him to turn it back on "but only for half an hour" as he said, though it was really only like 10 minutes. My mother tried calling the cops during this time, to have him escorted out of here, but he shut the power off before she talked to an officer. So, she put me and all of the cats in my room, and I locked the door while she went to the neighbors and called the cops again from there.
He turned the power back on once he found out the cops were coming, and then left for the night with a friend. If he had have come back last night again, he'd have gone to jail.
But he was allowed back this morning, and of course came back.
And he has more alcohol to just get mad again tonight.
But my mother found a place to stay with a friend for a month until we find a place to live on our own. And we're going to be packing the next few days and probably be finished moving by Saturday/Sunday.
Johnny's coming over later to take me to go get boxes to use to pack, because Rodney took the keys to the truck, so we can't use it.
We also need to find someone with a truck that we can use on the weekend to move everything.
We're going to probably be calling the cops again to come by some time to "keep the peace" as we try to move and decide what belongs to who.
He's just really childish and pathetic.
I took my birthday information off facebook so I wouldn't get a bunch of people saying happy birthday, since I spent today finding a place to live, and packing. It hardly feels like my birthday at all.

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  1. That sounds crazy, glad you and your mom are getting away from him though.