Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I just got home from Johnny's today after being with him for three nights. I kind of wanted to come home, but only because I missed my cats and rats. I could have spent another night, but both my mother and Johnny worked tomorrow, so it was a lot easier to just come home today.
When I was last home, I tried making a hammock for the girl rats, which they have not used. Then, I had to take the wooden shelves out of the boys cage, because wood absorbs pee... so I had given them other things to hopefully help them with having fun and playing. I even gave them a wheel. They sleep under the wheel, and pee inside of it. So tomorrow, I am going around the house and finding a bunch of new things for both rat cages.
I bathed my cat Care today, to try to get rid of fleas. Which is weird, because my cats are indoor cats, and wear flea collars... but the collars clearly aren't working. And the shampoo wasn't working too well either. Maybe on the weekend I will get my mother to help with bathing the cats.
I think I go back to school on the 6th. I'm really dreading it, because I don't want to be near Sarah, who has recently been coming up in my suggested friends on Facebook a lot. Shouldn't they not come up if their blocked? I'm pretty sure I blocked her....
Whenever I see something on my newsfeed including her, I have to delete the entire thing or it will bother me. I hope she isn't in any of my classes....
Going back to school will also suck because I will have to cut back from seeing Johnny like 5 days of the week, to well, not near as much. ): It's going to be hard to get used to.
Johnny said he misses coming over here for the night, so I think maybe he will now be coming over here more often, at least a little more. And probably even more when school starts, because it would be easier that way.
I have to go get some school supplies this weekend.

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